Division of Engineering & Buildings


Annual Reporting for All Public Bodies (beginning FY18)

Section 2.2-4383 of the Code of Virginia established annual reporting requirements for completed capital projects where:

• The project was completed in the previous Fiscal Year (ex. FY2018 - July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018)
• Total construction cost is greater than $2 million
• The initial solicitation (RFQ/IFB) was issued after July 1, 2017


All completed Capital Project shall be reported to the Department of General Services by November 1st of each year. If no projects meet the above criteria, no reporting is required.

All projects that require reporting under the law shall be reported through eVA. To register for eVA access for this report, please utilize the appropriate Request Access link below.

Construction Reporting Access for State Government

Request Access (First time use only)

Construction Reporting Access for Local Government

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Completed Capital Projects Construction Report Form

Report Projects 

The following data must be reported:

• Procurement Method Utilized
• Construction Budget
• Actual Construction Cost
• Expected Timeline
• Actual Construction Time
• Any Post Project Issues