Division of Engineering & Buildings


  • The 2019 CPSM, Revision 1, is the current version of the Construction & Professional Services Manual.
  • This edition/revision became effective December 9, 2019.
  • Refer to DEB Notice 120919 for a summary of significant changes from the prior Manual version.


  • Notes on using Search features:
    • Search features/commands are dependent on the user's specific browser.
    • After loading the CPSM pdf in the browser window, pressing the Ctrl + F keys will typically open a simple search box in most browsers.
    • In Internet Explorer, pressing the Shift + Ctrl + F keys will typically open a more detailed search box.


  • Notes on accessing Bookmarks:
    • The CPSM contains bookmarks for each section.
    • In Internet Explorer, the bookmarks will typically appear on the left side of the screen upon opening the file.
    • In the Chrome browser, to view/access the bookmarks, the user may need to click on a bookmark icon in the upper right corner of the screen.