DREFM Bureau of Facilities Management


BFM repair concept

The Bureau of Facilities Management (BFM) is a customer-focused organization whose primary function is to provide a quality environment for the approximately 75 state agencies that occupy the facilities overseen by DGS. BFM provides its customers effective and timely operational, maintenance, and repair services, as well as manages capital outlay projects and provides professional services contracts for statewide public body use.

Facilities Management

BFM is responsible for over 40 buildings and 20 parking facilities and operates and maintains about 6.45 million square feet of buildings and grounds at the seat of government to include the Governor's Mansion, the Virginia Capitol and Capitol Square.

BFM strives to ensure tenants enjoy a clean, safe, efficient, and comfortable environment in and around the buildings it manages. DGS works closely with the Virginia Division of Capitol Police to ensure this goal is met. For more information, visit the Tenant Resources page.


BFM provides routine maintenance in DGS-maintained facilities through its 1stService program, where tenants submit service requests online and are put in direct contact with DGS maintenance staff to be kept apprised of project progress. Routine requests include items like a light that needs changed, hot/cold issues or housekeeping services.

Project Management

The Project Management Section provides professional and technical support both in-house and by contract to administer the Department of General Services' capital outlay program and support the maintenance, operations, and occupancy of buildings at the Capitol Complex. In addition, this section provides project management services on behalf of other state agencies to assist with their respective capital outlay needs.

Parking/Building Access

DGS Parking Services is responsible for administering the state employee parking program as well as operating and securing DGS parking facilities at the seat of government. DGS Parking Services provides convenient, cost-effective parking for state employees in the Capitol Complex that is at a rate consistently less than half of what similar facilities charge average monthly rate for private parking in the same downtown Richmond area.

The Building Access Section manages the Capitol Area Complex Identification and Building Access Program, which provides identification cards with and without building access for state employees and non-state employees in the metropolitan Richmond area. In addition, this section manages and maintains the Capitol Area Complex building access system.