DREFM Bureau of Facilities Management


The Department of General Services (DGS) provides special event permits for buildings and grounds designated for enjoyment of the public. If you or your group are interested in holding an event at one of the locations listed below, you will need a permit issued through the Division of Real Estate and Facilities Management (DREFM). There is no cost for obtaining a permit, and permits are issued on a first-come, first-served basis.

To check availability of the Bell Tower and Lee Monument permitted areas, see the Calendar of Permitted Events

Please note:

  • The flying of small Unmanned Aircraft Systems, or sUAS, (drones) is prohibited on Capitol Square.   
  • For permitted events, DGS will provide a microphone, podium and speaker for use during the scheduled event time upon request. All powered amplification or other audio/visual equipment, including but not limited to microphones, speakers, megaphones, and projectors, is prohibited.


Bell Tower Event Area

Located in the southwest corner of Capitol Square; see the Bell Tower Event Area map

Highlights for this event location:

  • Because demand for space can exceed capacity, event permits may be limited to one hour 
  • Electricity is not provided

Apply to have an event at the Bell Tower 


Lee Monument Event Area

Located at the intersection of Monument Avenue and Allen Avenue in Richmond, Virginia. 

A 2017 emergency regulation governs the use of Lee Monument, as directed in Governor McAuliffe's Executive Order 67. Read the full emergency regulation, which outlines all rules and considerations for holding an event at Lee Monument. 

  • Permits are required for assemblies of 10 or more people and are limited to 500 participants
  • For more information, including general rules regarding permitted events, permit holder responsibilities, and application filing requirements, read the full emergency regulation.


Steps to Obtain a Special Event Permit for Lee Monument

1. Applicant downloads the City Permit Determination Form found on the DGS website and submits it to:

Allen Rothert, Special Events Coordinator for the City of Richmond

Phone: (804) 646-0524

E-mail: Allen.Rothert@richmondgov.com

2. Applicant receives a completed City Permit 

Determination Form from City.

  • If the City indicates no City permits are required, the applicant should fill out the online DGS application, uploading that form as part of the submission. 
  • If the City indicates that one or more permits are required from the City, the applicant must apply for those permits. In that case, both the Determination Form and proof of the application to the City must be submitted along with the DGS application.

3. DGS reviews all information on the DGS permit application form to determine if information is complete.

  • If so, determination is made within 10 days (or three days for a six-day permit).
  • If not, DGS reaches out to the applicant to complete the application. Once a complete application is received, DGS makes a determination.
  • Only completed applications will be accepted for consideration.

4. DGS makes one of the following determinations

  • Permit issued (applicant has provided all information, City permits are not required or City permits are required and have been obtained)
  • Conditional permit issued (event cannot proceed unless applicant submits proof that required City permits have been obtained; if applicant fails to secure required City permits, DGS rescinds its conditional permit)
  • Permit denied (DGS must identify reason for denial)


Apply to have an event at the Lee Monument 



For more information on conducting film events on DGS property or to submit a request to film on DGS property, please contact bfmevents@dgs.virginia.gov or (804) 225-3874.