DREFM Bureau of Facilities Management


Beginning October 1, 2019, the Department of General Services and the Division of Capitol Police will begin enhanced ID verification protocols in DGS facilities in and around the seat of government. You will see signs on DGS buildings reminding tenants and visitors of the new procedures.

Who needs to expect the check?

Tenants of DGS facilities and visitors of DGS facilities will need to "Expect the Check" when accessing a DGS facility.

What buildings are included? 

Here are the DGS facilities where these enhanced protocols will be effective:

  • Barbara Johns Building
  • Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services building
  • Jefferson Building
  • Madison Building
  • Main Street Centre
  • Morson's Row
  • Monroe Building
  • Office of Fleet Management Services building
  • Office of Surplus Property Management building
  • Old City Hall
  • Oliver Hill Building
  • Patrick Henry Building
  • Virginia Distribution Center
  • Virginia War Memorial Carillon
  • Washington Building
  • Westmoreland Building

What are the protocols?

100% ID check & visibility enforcement for all tenants

  • If you are assigned to a DGS facility you must have your state-issued employee ID badge to enter, and the badge must be clearly visible above the waist at all times.
  • If you forget or lose your badge, you cannot sign into your building as a visitor. Instead, you must visit the DGS Bureau of Parking and Building Access (BPBA) where you will be issued a 24-hour temporary ID.
  • DGS will issue all parkers a hangtag for your assigned deck. You must use your state-issued employee ID badge to enter your designated state parking deck. If you do not have your badge, you must present your DGS-issued hangtag and another valid government-issued ID to parking security, who will verify your status with BPBA before allowing you access.
  • If your badge is lost, outdated or your picture is no longer clearly visible, contact your agency's badging coordinator to schedule an appointment to obtain a new employee ID badge before these protocols take effect. There will be no cost if you exchange an outdated ID for a new one.

100% authorization/verification for all visitors

  • Employees with state-issued employee or contractor IDs must sign in with security when you visit a DGS facility that is not your assigned building.
  • All other visitors must sign in and be escorted at all times. Visitor hours will be 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.
  • Agencies must define designated contacts who security can call when unscheduled visitors arrive.
  • For scheduled visits, the security officer will contact the visitor's point of contact, who must come to the security desk to receive the guest, escort them at all times, and sign them out upon departure.
  • You will need to provide security with a visitor log sheet (supplied by DGS) to pre-fill and provide to security for large meetings. Visitor Log Template can be found here.

Limiting of the number of building entrances

Limiting of after-hours/weekend building access

  • Beginning November 1, 2019, the number of tenants who will have access to DGS facilities after business hours and on weekends when screening/security efforts are not in place will be limited.
  • Each agency head must approve and submit to DGS names of individuals who require access to their assigned building outside standard work hours of 6:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. All other tenants' badges will work only during those hours.
  • Badged access into parking facilities will remain 24/7.

Security clearance process

  • All contractors must possess appropriate clearance to work in DGS facilities and wear the appropriate badges at all times.

Capitol Police patrols

  • Capitol Police officers have started patrolling throughout the day to provide visible presence as well as enforce ID badge visibility, visitor access, etc.


Questions? Email expectthecheck@dgs.virginia.gov