DREFM Bureau of Facilities Management


For state government offices at the Seat of Government, in the event of a hurricane:

Please monitor the DGS alerts on our website, dgs.virginia.gov.  Emergency Building Issues can be reported through 1st Service https://covaimapp.assetworks.com/cr/validate-login.jsf) and or Omega 24 hour desk at 804-225-2590.  For life safety issues call 911 or Capitol Police at 804-786-HELP (4357).

To customers in DGS Owned Facilities: 

  • State buildings and parking decks will be monitored and safeguard areas prepared.  If you need to come to Capitol Square during the storm event, please stay alert when maneuvering in and around the area. 

The Department of General Services, as part of storm preparations, asks for your cooperation with the following:

  • Remove items away from and off any window sills in their private office spaces
  • Consider covering any computers or electronics in case of any water infiltration into office spaces
  • Emergency Building issues can be reported through 1st Service (https://covaimapp.assetworks.com/cr/validate-login.jsf) or call Omega the 24-hour desk at 804-225-2590
  • Call Capitol Police for any life safety emergencies 804-786-HELP 
  • Agencies that have state vehicles parked on the top level of any deck should move them to the mid-levels of the deck.  Additionally, if power is lost, the parking deck vehicular gates will be inoperable until power is restored.

To customers in DGS Administered Leased Facilities: 

Hurricane preparation is the best protection against dangers and loss.  The location of your leased property, the structure of your leased property and the nature of your business will require different preparedness in the event of a hurricane.  Please stay informed to weather conditions and to local emergency events to know when and how to take action. 

As an Occupant in a leased facility, please follow preparedness guidance provided by your Landlord in addition to direction provided by your agency and your local community. 

Additionally, DGS recommends the following preemptive initiatives: 

  • Tenants/Occupants should remove all items from their window areas, before vacating the facilities
  • Tenants/Occupants should turn off all interior lights and shut all interior doors within their Premises upon leaving
  • Tenants/Occupants may want to cover up computers, fax machines, printers and other electronic equipment with plastic sheeting in case of water penetrating the roof or ceiling.
  • Close interior blinds
  • Do not place any tape or other resistant type substance on the exterior windows
  • Do not block hallways or egress doorways
  • Provide or confirm the office emergency contact information with your Property Manager or Landlord
  • Relocate all personal and state vehicles from flood prone parking areas
  • Remove or secure any Commonwealth items external to the building
  • Review agency Continuity Plans with staff 

If your leased premises are damaged from the storm, immediately notify your Landlord/Property Manager and copy your DGS Transaction Manager (find your DGS contact).  Please follow the procedures outlined in your DGS Lease Occupant Handbook.  If the Landlord/Property Manager is unresponsive to your notification, please contact your DGS Transaction Manager and we will assist in communicating with the Landlord.  Any loss of agency property should be managed within your agency with Risk Management. 

If you are not able to occupy your leased space after the storm and the Continuity Plan location is not sufficient to meet your agency business needs, contact your DGS Transaction Manager and they will be able to assist in identifying a relocation solution.