DREFM Bureau of Facilities Management


The Bureau of Facilities Management (BFM) provides maintenance, operation, repair, and technical support for DGS-managed buildings in the Capital District.

Facility Maintenance and Operation

If your request is for maintenance of an emergency nature (i.e. a broken water pipe, toilet flooding, etc.), call the BFM Service Desk at (804) 786-3578 for prompt service. If an individual does not answer, call Capitol Police at their non-emergency hotline number (804) 786-HELP. BFM has on-call staff available to respond to emergency needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays.

For maintenance requests of a non-emergency nature (i.e. uncomfortable air conditioning or heat, a burned-out light, trash not picked up, etc.), please enter a 1stService Request to submit the problem directly to our facilities staff. When the service request has been reviewed and accepted, you will receive an email.

Submit a 1stService Request

BFM uses in-house and contract resources to provide the following services:

  • carpentry
  • custodial
  • electrical
  • elevator
  • fire and mechanical systems monitoring
  • grounds
  • HVAC
  • masonry
  • move planning
  • office design
  • painting
  • plastering
  • plumbing
  • recycling
  • roofing
  • security
  • stock room
  • utilities

Tenant Handbook

The DGS Tenant Handbook sets forth guidelines for agencies and private companies to follow as a tenant occupying a state-owned building that is managed by BFM. The policies and procedures outlined in the Tenant Handbook are provided to ensure facilities and related physical assets meet their intended functions and are maintained in a high quality, cost-effective, and timely manner.

The Tenant Handbook should not be viewed as a comprehensive listing and may not reflect all applicable rules and requirements due to locations being unique and possibly bound by specific regulations. Please contact BFM with any concerns or questions regarding permissible tenant practices.

Building Policies

While the Tenant Handbook outlines many policies and procedures for those occupying DGS-maintained facilities, here are some of the high-profile policies every tenant and visitor should know.


Pursuant to Executive Order 41 (2007), no person shall smoke in any building owned or occupied by an executive branch agency or institution. No person shall smoke in or near the exterior doorways of those buildings and must remain a minimum of 25 feet from all entrances and exits. No person shall smoke on the grounds of any building where a nonsmoking area has been designated by means of a posted sign. Smokers should use the proper receptacles for disposal of cigarette butts. 


Executive Order 50 (2015) directed the Department of General Services to prohibit the open or concealed carry of firearms in all executive branch offices.

DGS enacted regulations banning the concealed carry of firearms in executive branch offices. Read the full Regulation Banning Concealed Firearms in Executive Branch Offices

DGS enacted guidance documents to ban the open carry of firearms. Read the Guidance Documents

This prohibition applies to all "State Offices," meaning buildings owned, leased or controlled by or for an executive branch agency, including supporting buildings. "Executive branch agency" includes any administrative unit of State government in the executive branch, including any department, institution, commission, board, council, authority or other body, however designated.

This prohibition does not apply to law enforcement officers (including retired law enforcement officers certified pursuant to Va. Code § 18.2-308.016), authorized security personnel, or military personnel, when such individuals are authorized to carry a firearm in accordance with their duties, and when they are carrying the firearm within that authority. It also does not apply to State employees where the employee's position requires carrying a firearm.

This prohibition also does not apply to hunters who are in compliance with Department of Game and Inland Fisheries' Hunting and Trapping Regulations regarding allowable firearms, public hunting lands, and hunting license requirements; lodges and cabins owned by the Commonwealth and used solely by the public for recreational facilities; any buildings which serve as living quarters for Commonwealth employees; or any buildings at a rest area on an interstate highway


DGS maintains and promotes a diverse recycling program for buildings it maintains. Visit the Recycling and Waste Reduction Program to learn more.

Conference Rooms

DGS provides event and meeting space to tenant agencies. For room photos and layouts, conference room policy, and to reserve a conference room online, visit our Conference Rooms page.

Events in Building Common Areas

Tenant and public activities that require use of DGS facilities in spaces not assigned to tenants, such as common use areas of buildings and grounds, plazas, roads and walks, must be approved by DGS in advance of the event. Examples include organizational and group gatherings, speeches and lectures, advertising, fundraising, photographic and film productions, etc. All events must be sponsored by an agency.

To request permission to hold an event in a building common area, complete this form and return it to DGS at the contact listed on the form. To find more information, see the Events section of the Tenant Handbook

Relocation Services

DGS offers services to state agencies within the Capitol Square Complex related to space planning, remodeling and move coordination. Services are provided through a combination of in-house and contract resources charged to the customer on a project-specific basis.

Services include:

  • Space planning: Interior design, architectural and engineering services
  • Office remodeling and alterations
  • Move planning and move coordination services
  • Modular systems furniture design, ordering, and installation
  • Surplus property disposalSpecial events coordination on DGS property

To utilize these services, please submit a 1stService Request. When your 1stService request is received, a DGS staff member will contact you to assist in defining the scope of services and the projected cost.

If your agency is moving out of a DGS-maintained building, contact the Division of Real Estate and Facilities Management at (804) 371-7200 for help finding a suitable space.


The DGS Occupant Emergency Action Plan (OEAP) is the primary guidance document for tenants occupying state-owned facilities in and around Capitol Square. The OEAP is based on guidance provided by the Governor's Office, the Division of Capitol Police, the Department of Homeland Security and the Virginia Department of Emergency Management. Occupants will find within the OEAP basic emergency action plans, evacuation procedures and emergency communication tools. The DGS Emergency Manager serves as the Program Manager for the OEAP and is tasked with providing plan updates, emergency preparedness drills and on-site training. A copy of the OEAP can be requested through the OEAP Program Manager. Additionally, the OEAP also includes links to multiple preparedness websites as well as a link to sign up for the Virginia State Capitol Alert Network (VSCAN).

VSCAN is owned and operated by the Division of Capitol Police and is the primary communication tool utilized during emergencies and significant events in and around Capitol Square. It is important that all employees located in DGS-maintained facilities in and around Capitol Square are signed up for a free VSCAN account in order to get all Capitol Police emergency notifications.

Virginia State Capitol Alert Network (VSCAN): https://www.dcp.virginia.gov (Once on the DCP website, click on the Virginia State Capitol Alert Network on the right side of the webpage.)

For more information, contact the OEAP Program Manager at DGSEM@dgs.virginia.gov or (804) 225-8136.

Parking And Building Access

DGS manages parking and building access for state employees and other tenants in DGS-maintained buildings in the Capital District. For more information, visit the Parking Services or Building Access webpages.