Office of Fleet Management Services


All calls and requests must go through the VMCC for maintenance and repairs and the VMCC will handle scheduling the repairs and service.

Consult your Agency Transportation Officer, the VMCC or the Fleet Administrator for a list of VDOT facilities with automatic washers. You can utilize the Fuel Station Locator Tool to find facilities that accept the Voyager card.

All needed repairs or vehicle component replacements are to be managed by the VMCC.

Under normal circumstances, call the VMCC at (866) 857-6866 and it will assist you. If there are severe injuries or an emergency, call 911. More information can be found on the Accidents, Vehicle Breakdowns and Maintenance page.

See the Enterprise Rental Rate Schedule page.

Yes, insurance is included under the fees for CoVA rentals.

No. Rental car services (individual and group) up to $50,000 are considered as
travel and as such are exempt from eVA (reference APSPM 14.9.b 23).

You need your agency Enterprise account number.  If your agency has a required
billing number, that information also will need to be provided. 
Please contact your agency Transportation Officer for additional questions.

See the Travel Planning and Car Rental page for more information on booking a rental with CoVA Enterprise

If you set up your agency account to direct bill the charges for the car, you will not need a credit card.

You should notify Enterprise at the number provided in the information you receive from them, notify Virginia State Police just as though it is a state vehicle, and notify your agency.

Each Agency Transportation Officer has information about how your agency can obtain fuel credit cards for rental cars.  The credit cards provided by your agency will only work at commercial refueling sites.  Make sure that you return the car fueled or your agency will be billed a fueling charge.

Since you are paying a daily rate regardless of whether you drive the vehicle, rent cars only as you need them for as short a time possible.  For example, if you need a car for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  It is cheaper to have three one-day rentals than to keep the vehicle for five days.

Any rental for more than 30 days will require approval by the Fleet Administrator.  With OFMS approval, vehicles can be rented for up to 364 days.

No.  Permanently assigned vehicles from OFMS still will be processed as usual.

Call the number provided in your Enterprise package which you will receive with the car.  Enterprise will take care of the repairs and provide you with another vehicle.