Office of Fleet Management Services


Fleet Car Assistance Smartphone

The Vehicle Management Control Center (VMCC) is available to assist drivers of OFMS pool vehicles and enrolled public body vehicles with vehicle maintenance, breakdown assistance, and help with vehicle crashes. The VMCC is available 24-7 at 1-866-857-6866.

  • Roadside assistance, accident reporting, routine and preventative maintenance scheduling
  • 24/7/365 assistance (live voice) with a toll-free number (866-857-6866)
  • Saving tax dollars by using vendors with pre-negotiated fleet pricing
  • Alleviates drivers from the payment and negotiation process
  • Ensures vehicle safety while not over maintaining assets
  • Assures warranties are utilized and factory recalls are performed

The VMCC Services are included with every OFMS leased vehicle and available to all public bodies. If you are interested in enrolling your vehicles in the VMCC program, contact Fleet Services Manager, Kevin Crain at (804) 367-6982.