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Who We Are

Whether you need concept, design and project management for a new program or web graphics for social media, the Office of Graphic Communications (OGC) is an effective and economical choice.

The Office of Graphic Communications, established in 1980 within the Department of General Services, serves state agencies, local government, and nonprofit organizations. OGC is pre-qualified to provide high-quality creative services for a wide variety of projects.

When you use OGC services, your agency will avoid the costs associated with conducting a competitive procurement process. Agencies reduce costs because OGC's service fees are lower than those charged by private sector providers with similar experience.

OGC works closely with its customers to meet their communication needs by managing projects from concept through delivery or for any stage of the process. OGC provides high-quality, award-winning work, including communications projects ranging from logos and web graphics, to tradeshow displays and brochures.

Learn more about the services available through OGC.

Mandatory Source for State agencies

OGC is a mandatory source for state agencies for graphic design services with estimated costs over $750 (pursuant to section 2.1 in the Agency Procurement and Surplus Property Manual.  

OGC is 100 percent self-supported (Internal Service Fund), which means that fees for service cover all overhead. OGC is reviewed and regulated by the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission (JLARC) as a mandatory source for design services.

What We Do

Accustomed to working with tight deadlines, OGC provides high-quality, award-winning communications projects.

The OGC offers a wide range of services:

  • Project management
  • Research and concept development
  • Budget projections
  • Copywriting and editing
  • Graphic design and art direction
  • Illustration and photography
  • Web graphics
  • Print and production management

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OGC produces high-quality products, including:

  • Brand Identity including rebranding, program logos and marketing materials
  • Brochures and Guides, including booklets and newsletters
  • Logos
  • Posters and Flyers
  • Reports, including strategic plans and annual reports
  • Specialty Products, including lapel pins and challenge coins
  • Books and Magazines
  • Tradeshow Materials such as banner stands and pop-up displays
  • Web Graphics

See our OGC portfolio section to learn more about the products OGC has designed.

Why Use OGC?

An easy way to work

Whether you want a logo or an entire marketing campaign, OGC simplifies the process. Your internal administrative hours are reduced when OGC manages the design process

Full creative services

Each project is unique and deserves a custom product carefully designed to communicate to your audience. We offer  project management and creative services, from concept creation, copywriting, photography and design, with quick turnaround while meeting tight deadlines.  Read more about services we offer.


The OGC director, Paris Ashton, has worked with the Governor's office, state agency representatives, and private partners as the creative lead for numerous projects. Read more about the OGC Director.

Cost savings

OGC hourly rate averages 40-75% below outside sources offering similar experience and quality. Read more about OGC fees.

When purchasing services from OGC, agencies avoid the time and money associated with conducting a competitive procurement process, allowing your project to get started immediately. We provide detailed estimates, and if you need consultation for a grant proposal or budgeting purposes we can provide a preliminary estimate free of charge.

Cost saving measures include:

  • A flat fee of $85 per hour
  • Ability to handle all phases of the project or just those you need
  • Consultation for procuring outside services such as copywriting or printing so that the scope of work and budgets are clearly defined
  • Preliminary estimates for grant proposals
  • A royalty-free digital photo library
  • Archives job files eliminate the need and cost associated with lost files and the need recreate documents

One of the best indicators of customer satisfaction is a customer referral. OGC's 2016 customer survey results show 100 percent of respondents rated their overall experience working with OGC as satisfied, and 95 percent would recommend OGC services to colleagues. Read more from our customers and what they have to say about working with OGC on our Testimonials page

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For general questions, to learn more about OGC:

Office of Graphic Communications Portfolio

View our portfolio of work, including samples of brochures, guides, posters and more.