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Governor’s Employee Engagement Initiative

OnTheSquareVA launched on May 1, 2018, with a memo from Governor Northam to all state employees announcing the program. Each agency head received a memo from the Chief of Staff encouraging participation and asking each to designate an agency coordinator. The Department of General Services (DGS) created a website,, complete with a calendar of events, event registration information, an online survey and a page dedicated to providing ideas for employees away from Capitol Square to incorporate the program where they work. OGC established a brand identity for the initiative that includes logos, web page graphics, event fliers, and social media graphics. DGS also set up @OnTheSquareVA on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and posts with custom event graphics and messages. The OGC director is the creative lead on the SOA Executive Committee that includes representation from the Governor Office, Virginia House and Senate, Capitol Police, Agriculture and Consumer Services, Department of Human Resource Management and the Department of General Services.

Visit the OnTheSquareVA website to learn more about this initiative. 

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On the Square VA Logo and Website Design
OnTheSquareVA Logo and Website
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OnTheSquareVA Activity and Event Fliers
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OnTheSquareVA Social Media
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OnTheSquareVA Weekly Communications