Office of Graphic Communications


OGC is pre-qualified to provide high-quality creative services for a wide variety of projects. When purchasing OGC services, agencies avoid the costs associated with conducting a competitive procurement process. Agencies reduce costs because OGC's service fees are lower than those charged by private sector providers with similar experience.

OGC provides graphic design consultation and project management for government entities that may have limited resources for procurement of creative services. This ensures quality services are provided and budgets and resources are well managed.


OGC bills at a flat fee of $85 per hour. Costs for outside resources not offered in the OGC, such as professional copywriting services or photography services, are estimated for the specific needs of your project.


OGC bills bi-monthly for services rendered. Payment by credit card can be made by calling the DGS Fiscal Office. There may be multiple invoices that make up the total estimated cost. Alterations outside of the scope of work will be an additional charge. OGC is a registered eVA vendor and a mandatory source.

Money Savings

By using OGC, your division will save on costs for your projects. Cost-saving measures include:

  • A flat fee of $85 per hour
  • Ability to handle all phases of the project or just those you need
  • Consultation for procuring outside services such as printing so that the scope of work is clearly defined for bidding purposes
  • Preliminary estimates for grant proposals
  • A royalty-free digital photo library
  • Archives job files eliminate the need and cost associated with lost files and the need recreate documents

Contact Us

For general questions:
• Email Director Paris Ashton
• Call (804) 371-8359.

Office of Graphic Communications Portfolio

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