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OGC Manages your Photography Needs

OGC will help you with your photography needs by either collaborating with you to recommend cost-saving stock photography and art direction options or, if needed, sourcing and finding professional, pre-approved photography resources best suited for your project.

Why Hire a Professional Photographer?

Specialized Expertise

Your photographer will have spent a lot of time educating themselves on how to compose images and light them well. A professional photographer has shot a variety of events, subjects, portraits in a wide range of situations, and has been exposed to many subjects and conditions. They anticipate angles and approaches for each scene, and have experience guiding groups for desired results.

Demonstrated Experience

The photographers sourced by OGC are pre-approved and pre-sourced, with a proven portfolio that's successful and attractive.

Time and Cost Savings

You'll get professional results faster, with experienced photography resources who won't need to take additional time for reshoots, editing or production.

Equipment Quality

The cameras and lenses that your photographer owns cannot compare in quality to ordinary consumer cameras. Your photographer will have all the equipment required to produce beautiful images that most ordinary cameras won't be able to produce. Your photographer will know how to use their equipment and will have manual control over their camera. They will be choosing the right features to ensure the image is well exposed and the best quality it can be.

Image Editing Software and Professional Editing Services

All photographers use some form of post-processing software to carefully re-touch, edit, resize, and optimize your images for the medium – whether it's for an online or digital project or print production. Photographers use programs like Photoshop to ensure that images are properly exposed, the colors are perfect and the images are polished to a professional level.

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