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OGC Manages your Copywriting Needs

OGC will help you with your copywriting needs by sourcing and finding professional, pre-approved copywriting resources best suited for your project. If you're looking for specialized expertise on a topic or genre, OGC can help you find the right resource with the best qualifications.

Why Hire a Professional Copywriter?

Specialized Expertise

Copywriters have a unique ability to generate original ideas and words, starting from a blank page and ending with a carefully crafted cohesive message and theme.

Hiring a professional copywriter with the expertise in writing carefully crafted copy means they'll capture your readers' interest quickly for marketing pieces. A professional copywriter has the experience and background to know how to tailor their writing for different audiences, styles, and formats.

Demonstrated Experience

The copywriters that OGC will recommend have proven, successful experience in a wide range of formats. We'll help you find the right resource for your needs.

A professional resource will have familiarity and experience designing specific marketing copy, from web copy and content for displays or ads, to copy for annual reports or consumer guides. Copywriters also have skill at bringing a new vision and ideas to a project, interpreting department lingo so that your audiences can better understand.

Time and Cost Savings

Professional copywriters can concept and write content for a project quickly. If you have other responsibilities and don't have the time to write for your project, a writer may be able to help you.

Using a professional copywriting resource means you'll have someone writing integrated, consistent, and cohesive copy, written in a single voice from concept to headlines and body copy.

Contact OGC if you need copywriting help for your next project.

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