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Requesting service from OGC is as simple as picking up the phone or sending an email. Contact the OGC director, Paris Ashton, to discuss the detail of your project or set up an in-person meeting.

Each project is unique and requires careful consideration of the scope of work when estimating costs.

Basic Information that is helpful when discussing your project with OGC includes:
1. Have you determined that a particular format is desired? (Brochure, report, web graphics, tradeshow display, etc.)
2. Will you provide copy or would you like to work with a professional copywriter?
3. Do you need photography or illustration to support your message?
4. Do you have a predetermined budget?
5. What is your deadline?
6. Does your agency or program have established design requirements to follow?

We will provide a detailed estimate based the project parameters. After approval of our estimate, your agency may place an order through eVA establishing a purchase order (PO) and initiating the start of the project.

Before you request OGC graphic design services, there are a few things you should know.

First, OGC is a mandatory source for design services that are over $750 (pursuant to section 2.1 in the Agency Procurement and Surplus Property Manual). OGC will determine if it can meet the agencies' needs and if not, the agency will receive a waiver to procure services from another source.

OGC is 100 percent self-supported (Internal Service Fund), which means that fees for service cover all overhead. OGC is reviewed and regulated by the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission (JLARC) as a mandatory source for design services.

OGC is pre-qualified to provide high-quality creative services for a wide variety of projects. When you use OGC services, your agency will avoid the costs associated with conducting a competitive procurement process and spend less than with private providers with similar experience.

We will consider all phases of development

  • Budget
  • Time Frame
  • Project Management
  • Planning
  • Research
  • Writing
  • Design
  • Production
  • Distribution
  • Results


Contact Us

For general questions:
• Email Director Paris Ashton
• Call (804) 371-8359.

Office of Graphic Communications Portfolio

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