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OGC offers an easy way to work

OGC is pre-qualified to provide high-quality creative services for a wide variety of projects. This saves you time and energy, since you don't need to go out for bid. The work process is streamlined for efficiency, yet designed to offer individual attention and service to produce a unique product to satisfy for communication needs.

Basic steps in the design process

  • Consultation and recommendations
  • Estimated costs and approval
  • Production schedule outlined
  • Research and concept development
  • Copywriting or final approved copy from the agency
  • Presentation of design options
  • Revisions and agency approval of the final design
  • Photography and/or illustrations
  • Design and layout drafts for review
  • Revisions and edits to layout and content
  • Printing or production specifications for bids
  • Final drafts for agency proofreading and approval
  • Preparation of materials for awarded production vendor
  • Inspection of vendor production proofs
  • Agency approval of vendor proofs
  • Inspection of finished product

Learn more about how to request OGC services.

Your role in the design process

In your first meeting with OGC, be prepared to provide essential information about your project and agency that will enable us to assess your needs and make appropriate recommendations. Effective communications within your agency in the early stages of a project can eliminate costly alteration charges.

Basic information for your initial meeting with OGC:

  • What kind of product is being considered?
  • What purpose will the product serve, what should it accomplish?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • What resource materials are available? (draft copy, research, statistics, agency publications, photographs, previously printed samples you like or dislike)
  • What is the budget for the project?
  • What is the deadline?

We can meet with you to discuss the project scope of work. Upon approval of the estimated costs, OGC requires a purchase requisition to initiate the project. There may be several phases of the process that will require review and approval of proofs by the agency representatives.

Our role in the design process

Once the estimate is approved, the OGC director will manage every aspect of the job from concept through final delivery.

You will be consulted throughout the development of your project. If the scope of a project changes, you will be advised of any impact the change may have on costs and deadlines. This individualized attention guarantees design continuity and efficient project tracking, ensuring that all deadline and budget requirements are met.

Our billing process

OGC uses a custom job tracking and billing software system to accurately document all costs of labor, materials, and expenses for your project. Invoices are issued bi-monthly.

Learn more about fees and how we can save you money. See our OGC Fees webpage for more details.

Contact Us

For general questions:
• Email Director Paris Ashton
• Call (804) 371-8359.

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