Office of Surplus Property Management



The Office of Surplus Property Management (OSPM) redistributes a wide range of surplus state and federal property to agencies of the Commonwealth, qualified nonprofit organizations, small businesses in the SBA 8(a) program, and the public.

This property includes office furniture, used cars and trucks, fire equipment, generators and motors, heavy machinery and equipment, kitchen equipment and supplies, tools, lab equipment and supplies, cleaning equipment and supplies, and printers and copiers.

Acquiring property from the Commonwealth allows surplus to be obtained for nominal service charge costs, in many cases offering high-quality property that is better and longer-lasting than new products. Eligible public entities and non-profit organizations can shop for surplus items at our two warehouses in Richmond and Wytheville. The general public can acquire surplus items through public auctions, internet sales and in person at the Wytheville retail store.

Surplus Deals

Guard shack and transport barrier available at the Richmond warehouse for combination price of $5,000!  Both on trailers.  Regular price $13,500.  For more information, call 804-236-3665 or email