DREFM Bureau of Parking and Building Access


The Bureau of Parking and Building Access (BPBA) is responsible for administering the state employee parking program as well as operating and securing DGS parking facilities at the seat of government. With approximately 7,000 parking spaces in 20 locations, BPBA provides convenient, cost-effective parking for state employees in the Capitol Complex.

BPBA maintains parking lot space usage information, reports on monthly parking revenue, allocates parking spaces to agencies, issues and tracks permits, maintains employee assignment information, records and maintains history of parking violations, generates agency billing records, and provides management reports. This section also is responsible for the maintenance, operation, renovation, and construction of all DGS parking facilities in the Richmond metropolitan area.  Support for the maintenance and operation of these facilities is provided through fees collected from participants in the State Employee Parking Program.

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DGS Parking Services is focused on its mission to provide parking for tenants of DGS-managed facilities and in support of the operation of its buildings; therefore, DGS does not have parking available for visitors to Capitol Square. However, these resources may be helpful if you are visiting Capitol Square:

Disabled Parking: Private vehicles with disabled plates are permitted to park and unload passengers at Bank Street and 10th Street near the public entrance to the Capitol Building. Map

City Parking: The City of Richmond provides information regarding on-street parking and other parking advisories.

Capitol Tours: Visitors may contact the Capitol Tour Guides at (804) 698-1788 for additional information. 

Agencies may request monthly parking for contract employees.  Requests will be considered subject to availability. Rates charged for monthly parking for contract employees will be billed to the requesting agency; it is the responsibility of the requesting agency to collect monthly fees. For contract employees who are unable to obtain parking through DGS, the following resources are available:

City Parking: The City of Richmond provides information regarding on-street parking and other parking advisories.

DGS provides parking to state employees near the Capitol Complex at a rate that is approximately half of the average private parking rate for the Richmond area. Each state agency has a designated parking coordinator who works directly with DGS Parking Services to assist its employees.

DGS establishes the Policies and Procedures for the Use of Parking Facilities for the operation of the parking services program. Each agency has additional guidelines that are developed in coordination with DGS that govern the parking for agency employees or assignees. For questions related to parking, or to view your agency’s additional guidelines, please contact your agency Parking Coordinator.

How to Request Parking

DGS provides parking allocations in its facilities to state agencies with offices at the seat of government. Agency Parking Coordinators are then responsible for issuing parking to their employees based on their own agency’s policies and procedures.

If you are a state employee in need of a parking space, please contact your agency Parking Coordinator. If your agency has a parking allocation available, your coordinator will ask you to complete a DGS Parking Request Form.

See Capitol Complex Parking Facility Maps

Disabled Parking

Employees who have been issued disabled parking placards and/or plates by the Department of Motor Vehicles are entitled to request a DGS disabled parking permit from their agency Parking Coordinator.  DGS issues disabled parking permits to ensure a sufficient number of spaces are made available in DGS parking facilities for parkers in need of disabled parking. As such, those who are issued DGS disabled parking permits are reminded to utilize the designated handicapped parking spaces as these have been allocated and dedicated for their use.

To request a DGS disabled parking permit, employees must provide a copy of the disabled placard issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles or their vehicle registration showing the DMV disabled license plates to DGS Parking Services. All vehicles using parking spaces that have been designated as disabled parking must display a Department of Motor Vehicles-issued disabled placard or disabled license plates as well as a DGS-issued disabled hangtag permit.

Lost, Stolen, or Broken Parking Permits and Access Badges

Parking permits: A $15 replacement fee will be charged for any lost or stolen parking permits. You may apply for a replacement permit by notifying your agency Parking Coordinator, completing a Parking Request Form for a replacement permit, and paying the replacement fee. The $15 fee must be paid to the DGS Parking Services by check or money order made payable to the Treasurer of Virginia. If your permit has broken, it should be submitted, along with a completed DGS Parking Request Form, to DGS Parking Services to receive a replacement permit. The replacement permit will be issued at no charge provided the permit number can be identified. 

Access badges:  If your access badge that grants entry into a parking facility and office building has been lost or stolen, please contact the DGS Access Badge Section to replace it. 

Updating Parker Information

When changes occur with to your license plate numbers, name, or office contact information you should submit an updated Parking Request Form to your agency Parking Coordinator.

Rates for Parking

The parking fees paid by state employees support the maintenance and operation of DGS parking facilities. DGS prides itself on maintaining an efficient parking program that results in a rate charged to state employees that is half of the average rate of comparable private sector parking in the downtown Richmond area (see the agency’s current Performance Measure for details).Current fees charged at DGS parking facilities: 

  • Monthly Parking Rate: $49 
  • Daily Parking Rate: $4
  • Monthly parking rate for DGS parking facilities outside of downtown Richmond, as determined by the DGS Director: $24.50


DGS encourages carpooling when possible. To create a carpool with access to park in a DGS facility, complete a Carpool Attachment Form listing the names, vehicle information, and signature of each of the carpool members. Submit the attachment form along with a Parking Request Form for the primary assignee to the primary assignee’s agency Parking Coordinator for processing. The primary assignee will be responsible for paying the monthly parking fee. One generic access card and/or one hangtag will be issued to the primary assignee for use by the active driver on any given day. 

Agencies may have policies regulating the use of carpools or offering benefits to employees that carpool. Employees interested in other alternate transportation methods should contact their agency Parking Coordinator to see if their agency offers any additional programs.

Parking Violations

To ensure a clean and safe environment for all users, DGS has established the following rules for its parking facilities.  These rules are enforced by DGS Parking Services and Capitol Police, who may issue a citation or violation for the following actions:

  • parking in a prohibited zone
  • parking in a loading zone 
  • failure to display a valid permit 
  • parking in or blocking a driveway 
  • parking in or blocking a crosswalk 
  • double parking 
  • unauthorized parking in disabled access zone 
  • improper parking so as to hinder vehicular or pedestrian traffic 
  • unauthorized parking in an assigned space 
  • failure to observe posted traffic and directional signs 
  • any moving violation

Employees receiving three violations within a 90-day period may have their parking privileges suspended and/or other action taken under the Employee Standards of Conduct and Performance. 

Please contact DGS Parking Services if you have any questions regarding a violation that you received.

Parking FAQs for Employees

Parking Forms

All parking forms also can be found in the Forms and Documents Center

Parking Request Form (DGS-32-001) - Agency Parking Coordinator submits to DGS.

Carpool Attachment (DGS-32-002) - Agency Parking Coordinator submits to DGS to create or modify a carpool.

Guest Parking Request Form (DGS-32-004) - Agency Parking Coordinator submits to DGS to request parking for an agency guest.


Each agency appoints a Parking Coordinator to serve as a liaison between employees and DGS Parking Services. The Parking Coordinator is responsible for assisting agency employees and ensuring that policies and rules are followed.

All Parking Coordinators should familiarize themselves with the Policies and Procedures for the Use of Parking Facilities, as well as with their agency's own parking policy. Parking Coordinators should contact DGS Parking Services if they have any questions.

Assigning Parking to Employees

Parking allocations are the number of spaces an agency has in DGS parking facilities. Allocations are issued to agencies, not individual employees. Agencies in turn assign those spaces to their employees in accordance with DGS and agency policy.

When an agency has a new employee needing parking that goes beyond their current allocation of spaces, the agency Parking Coordinator should send a completed Parking Request Form to DGS Parking Services.

Parking Coordinator Responsibilities

The agency Parking Coordinator is responsible for:

  • Being the primary contact for agency employees regarding parking issues
  • Assigning parking spaces in accordance with agency policy 
  • Reviewing and submitting completed proper forms to DGS Parking Services in a timely manner
  • Providing parking assignees a copy of the Policies and Procedures for the Use of Parking Facilities
  • Picking up and returning parking permits from the DGS Parking Services office 
  • Submitting updated assignee vehicle information to the DGS Parking Services office 
  • Coordinating guest parking requests for the agency 
  • Notifying parking assignees of any DGS parking policy changes 
  • Arbitrating agency parking policy complaints
  • Providing DGS Parking Services with the number of agency’s full-time, wage, and contract employees assigned in DGS maintained and operated buildings 
  • Providing DGS Parking Services with employee parking waiting list information

Coordinator Forms (Parking and Building Access)

All parking forms also can be found in the Forms and Documents Center.

Parking Coordinator Module Training and Manual:

Coordinator Designee Form (DGS-32-007) - Agencies with employees that park in DGS-parking facilities must use this form to designate coordinators for parking, access cards, and facilities.

Agency Head Designee Form (DGS-32-008) - Agency Heads may delegate authority to approve access and access levels to an Agency Head Designee by completing this form. 

Parking Coordinator FAQs

The following is a list of frequently asked questions for agency Parking Coordinators. For state employees who are not Parking Coordinators, please see the Parking FAQs for Employees or contact DGS Parking Services.

How do I arrange parking for guests of my agency?

DGS will accommodate requests for guest or vendor parking as spaces are available. The agency Parking Coordinator must submit a Guest Parking Request Form no less than five business days prior to the desired date of use. A $4 daily fee applies. Agency Parking Coordinators are responsible for ensuring that the guest parker has the parking permit prior to accessing the permitted parking area. Guests without a parking permit will not be permitted to park in a DGS facility.

Can an agency-owned vehicle park in a DGS facility?

Yes, these vehicles will count as part of the agency’s parking allocation and the fee for these vehicles will be included in the agency’s monthly building (for the agency to allocate as appropriate).  DGS Parking Services will create a separate access badge for the vehicle if multiple people will need access to use it.


State employees and agency Parking Coordinators who are interested in ridesharing programs should contact RideFinders, a division of the GRTC Transit System. RideFinders is a regional non-profit agency that works to move more commuters in fewer vehicles throughout the Central Virginia region. They provide a wide range of services, such as GRTC bus programs, vanpool services, carpool matching, assistance implementing tax-free transportation benefits programs for employees, an emergency ride home program, and more.

http://www.ridefinders.com (804) 643-RIDE


Take turns driving with people who live and work near you. DGS encourages parkers to carpool when it is an option.


It is like carpooling, but with more people in a bigger vehicle. In many vanpools, one person does all the driving and the riders just pay a fare. With van-leasing programs, you do not even need to own a van to participate. Contact RideFinders to determine if there is a vanpool that would meet your needs.


Visit the GRTC Transit System website to learn more about public transportation in the Greater Richmond area. http://www.ridegrtc.com (804) 358-GRTC


Telework means working at any alternative location other than a standard central worksite. A telework program gives employees the option of working off-site on a full-time, part-time, or even temporary basis. Agencies are responsible for implementing telework arrangements as practicable in their departments and in accordance with policies and guidelines as set forth by the Department of Human Resource Management (DHRM)


Air Quality

Ride sharing or teleworking can reduce the number of vehicles on the road and help to reduce air pollution. An Air Quality Action Day is forecast when intense summer heat and strong sunlight combine with vehicle and industrial emissions to form unhealthy ground-level ozone. When possible, employees are encouraged to rideshare or telework on days when air quality is expected to be in the "unhealthy" category. Find out more here: Virginia Department of Environmental Quality current air quality and forecasts