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The Division of Purchases and Supply (DPS) provides services that make it easier and more convenient to do business with the Commonwealth and make it more simple and cost efficient for the government to do its business. The division’s flexible and innovative approach to procurement creates cost savings and ensures transparency and accountability in the purchasing and contracting process.

DPS is responsible for the Commonwealth’s procurement of nontechnology goods and services, including:

  • Managing Virginia’s innovative electronic procurement system, eVA
  • Establishing long-term, nontechnology statewide contracts that leverage buying power to reduce the cost of goods and services for agencies, institutions and local governments
  • Providing training for public procurement professionals on the Virginia Public Procurement Act
  • Overseeing the integrity of the procurement process by conducting agency reviews
  • Providing assistance to agencies and businesses on the procurement process and the effective use of eVA
  • Managing the Virginia Distribution Center, which provides goods and materials to state and local government entities

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