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Virginia Contracting Associate Certification Program

The VCA certification program is the first tier of the Virginia Institute of Procurement Career path for public procurement professionals. This unique program starts with four weeks of online course work followed by a hands on two consecutive day classroom experience. The program offers a comprehensive purchasing course for individuals whose jobs consist of 10% or more of purchasing related activities. The program covers the full procurement cycle; ethics, resources, methods, evaluating, e-procurement, contract administration, compliance, surplus property, small purchasing card, as well as many other purchasing guidelines needed for purchasing up to $100,000. The certification exam is on the morning or afternoon of the 3rd day.


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Virginia Contracting Officer Certification Program

The VCO certification program is the second tier of the Virginia Institute of Procurement Career Ladder for public procurement professionals.  The seven day classroom program covers the intent of procurement law (VPPA) and the application of policies and procedures (APSPM) as they pertain to sealed competitive bids and competitive negotiation over $100,000. The Virginia Contracting Associate certification VCA program is required to be eligible for  the VCO certification course. The expectation is that you know the laws, policies and procedures for small purchases $0 - $100,000, sole source and emergency methods of procurement.  The VCO exam is based on knowledge learned in both the VCA and VCO certification classes.


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Virginia Contracting Master Certification Program

The VCM program focuses on strategic skills needed to advance procurement value and is designed to challenge procurement professionals to act as change agents for promoting procurement as a strategic partner in achieving agency goals. The 10-day classroom program covers:

• Identifying Procurement Value
• Defining Procurement Partners
• Measuring Procurement Value
• Leveraging Procurement Strengths
• Advancing Procurement Value