Division of Purchases and Supply


A COVA Substitute W-9 must be FAXED to support your request.  Be sure to include your eVA Account Number, Company Name, and your phone number on the Fax Cover Sheet! FAX a copy of the W-9 to 804-786-3883
Download the COVA Substitute  W-9 Form here

Reinstatement Request Form

If you do not know your eVA account number call 1-866-289-7367 for assistance.

I agree with the Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

1. You certify that you have the authority to bind the above-named company
to these Terms and Conditions.

2. You agree, or reaffirm your prior agreement, to the current eVA Vendor
Registration Memorandum of Agreement posted on the eVA website under
the link labeled "Billing & Payment Portal. Or Click Here

3.You agree to pay all past-due, current and future eVA vendor
registration and order transaction fees upon receipt of an invoice issued by
the Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of General Services.

Note: A copy of the eVA Fee Schedule is posted on the eVA website under
the link labeled "Billing & Payment Portal". "Or Click Here"

Your request to reinstate your eVA Vendor Registration Account will be
processed within three (3) working days after the eVA Billing Customer Care
Team verifies your eVA Billing Account has a $0.00 balance or that
payment arrangements have been made for remittance of any previously
unpaid eVA fees. If you have questions regarding your eVA Billing Account,
call 1-866-289-7367 and select OPTION 2.