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Division of Purchases and Supply


eva intro

eVA is Virginia's online, electronic procurement system.

The eVA marketplace is used by more than 13,000 state agency and local government buyers to announce bidding opportunities, receive quotes, and place orders for goods and services. Since its inception in 2001, eVA has transformed the way the Commonwealth buys goods and services, dramatically improving transparency of government purchasing and delivering more than $30 million in savings annually.

In addition to full electronic integration (real time and batch) to multiple ERP/Financial Systems, eVA also supports sourcing, purchasing, and contract management functionality.

eVA sourcing functionality

  • Supports sealed, unsealed, and reverse auction procurements
  • Includes public posting, vendor invitations, accepting electronic bids/quotes and proposals, and managing contracts electronically

eVA purchasing functionality supports

  • Online requisitioning, contract, non-contract and punchout catalog shopping
  • Dynamic approval workflow
  • Electronic order delivery
  • Online receiving


Whether the user is a business, a citizen or a government entity, it is essential to provide free access to anyone seeking information about what Virginia government is buying. eVA brings innovation to the promise of transparency. Leveraging web based technologies and tools; eVA provides free, public access not only to past, current and future procurements but also gives open access to detailed information on the rules, regulations, processes and standards behind these procurements. Participate, monitor, analyze or study...all of this information is available to every vendor, citizen and government purchasing professional through the eVA Report and Resource Center, a primary component of the Transparency in Procurement program.

eVA Applications

Take advantage of the scale and efficiency of a major technology solution, without the cost. As your needs change, eVA changes with you!

eMall (Shop Now)

This tool allows buyers to shop online and issue electronic purchase requisitions and orders.  Buyers may shop statewide contracts and vendor catalogs in an electronic storefront, as well as order non-catalog items.  Additionally, orders can be delivered electronically and/or paid for with a small purchase card to vendors, after going through your custom approval flow. 

Quick Quote

Used to quickly process small dollar purchases, this popular tool allows you to “bid” out & receive electronic responses. You’ll receive electronic quotes from registered eVA vendors, as well as have the ability to invite non-eVA registered vendors to submit a bid. Set your own purchasing limits or follow the $100k limit used by state agencies—it’s completely up to you!

VBO Electronic Posting

Used to electronically & publicly post your IFBs & RFPs, as well as bid openings, solicitation documents, bid meeting notes, addenda, award decisions, and all other information pertinent to your formal procurement. This tool will also automatically notify eVA registered vendors about your opportunity. You also have the ability to share the opportunity with non-eVA registered vendors.

Contract Management

Maintain complete, electronic versions of your contracts and also store all of your contract documents. Other features include notification capabilities, document subcontractors, create contract summary templates, easily track contract spend, supplier performance and more.

Analytical Reporting

Allows end users & managers to evaluate spending, manage workloads, monitor end users’ buying. eVA’s robust reporting tools help with the budget planning cycle, allowing creation, channeled distribution, and drill down capabilities for data in the Purchasing Data Warehouse.


 Supports desktop receiving, central receiving, or a combination of the two.

Data Sharing

Provides for sharing vendor, order and other reference data between an existing financial or enterprise resource system (ERP) and eVA.