Division of Purchases and Supply


The Virginia Strategic Sourcing Initiative (VSSI) is a nationally recognized strategic procurement and spend-management program that has evolved under Virginia's chief executive and procurement leadership since 2002. VSSI continues the strategic sourcing principles developed under the nationally recognized Virginia Partners in Procurement (VaPP) program. Its fundamental purpose is to create consistent savings opportunities by consolidating common needs to reduce costs and increase efficiencies that are obtained only through key, enterprise-wide, strategic, and high-value contracts. The concept of enterprise-wide, strategic sourcing is a widely used industry best practice in leveraging cooperatively available statewide enterprise spend, which enables better value, reduced costs, increased efficiencies, and improved contracting performance in a programmatic and self-sustaining manner.

Eligibility to the VSSI program

Statewide contracts that have an annual value in excess of $600,000 are considered for the VSSI program. Each contract is carefully reviewed by DGS/DPS personnel to evaluate and make a determination as to whether the contract should be a part of the VSSI program. Once a contract is determined to be a part of the VSSI program, the contractor is assessed a nominal fee on all sales against the contract. This fee is to support the administrative requirements associated with administering the statewide contract.


The authority to establish a fee schedule for the VSSI program is set out in the Code of Virginia § 2.2-1102.A.2, and states that DGS shall establish a fee schedule that may be collectible from users when General Fund appropriations are not applicable to the services rendered.