Division of Purchases and Supply


How to Become a Customer of Choice

Engage your supplier
Seek feedback and listen for new opportunities

Give your supplier a “seat at the table”
Share information to receive newest concepts/innovations

Make business processes easy
Strive for clarity, simplicity, and consistency

Do you Buy from State Contracts?

Your Opinion Matters 
Influence future procurements with frequent interaction with suppliers and provide feedback to Contract Officer on supplier performance

Do you Administer Contracts? 

You are the “face and voice” of the contract
Frequent communication and review of operational expectations ensures transparency between supplier and COVA entity. 

Do you Create Contracts? 

You can Maximize Supplier Value and Opportunity 
Engage supplier to identify innovations to improve products and services. Identify “strategic” supplier base. Be the Customer of Choice.

SRM improves costs and reduces the number of hours spent.

Do you know the cost associated with a
typical procurement process?
(based on a 6-person buying group)

291 hours
Creating, negotiating and awarding a contract Approximate number of hours per person

57 hours
Administering, Managing, Updating Contracts Approximate number of hours per person

$75-125 Cost per Purchase Order Issued
From requisition creation to final payment

Re-solicitations Additional Cost
69 hours
Quick Quote “re-do”

25 hours
Quick Quote PO issues/terminations
(2014): 30% re-solicitation rate

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