DREFM Bureau of Real Estate Services


The following sections of the Code of Virginia and the Appropriations Act are applicable to BRES:

 Virginia Code Sections Subject
2.2-1130 Care of Virginia War Memorial Carillon
2.2-1131 Maintenance and Utilization Standards
2.2-1131.1 Establishment of performance standards for the use of property
2.2-1136 Review of easements; maintenance of real property records (includes Chapter 211 Act effective 7/1/2014)
2.2-1137 Location, construction or lease of state consolidated office buildings
2.2-1140 Assignment of office space
2.2-1146 Department may lease certain state property; preparation of leases by Attorney General; disposition of rentals
2.2-1147 through 2.2-1156:
General statutes regarding real estate transactions by departments, agencies and institutions of the Commonwealth
2.2-1147 Definitions
2.2-1147.2 Equal access to state-owned or controlled property; Boy Scouts of America and Girl Scouts of the USA
2.2-1148 Approval of actions; conveyances in name of the Commonwealth
2.2-1149 DGS to review proposed acquisitions of real property; approval by the Governor; exceptions
2.2-1150 Conveyance and transfers of real property by state agencies; approval of Governor and Attorney General; notice to members of General Assembly
2.2-1150.1 Lease or conveyance of any interest in State Police communications tower or site
2.2-1150.2 Use of communication towers for deployment of wireless broadband services in unserved areas of the Commonwealth
2.2-1151 Conveyance of easements and appurtenances thereto to cable television companies, utility companies, public service companies, political subdivisions; lease of space to a credit union; Communication Towers
2.2-1153 State agencies and institutions to notify Division of property not used or required; criteria
2.2-1154 State agencies, institutions, to inquire of Division before acquiring land for capital improvements; evaluate feasibility of siting facilities in urban centers
2.2-1155 Temporary transfer of use of property between state agencies and institutions; lease to private entities
2.2-1156 Sale or lease of surplus property and excess building space
2.2-1157 Exploration for and extraction of minerals on state-owned uplands
2.2-2402 Removal, etc.; structures, fixtures and works of art placed on or extending over state property
10.1-109 Conveyance or lease of lands and other properties by DCR (Note: Approvals delegated to SOA)
10.1-1107 Purchase of lands and acceptance of gifts for forestry purposes
10.1-1122 Management, harvesting, sale of timber on state-owned land
10.1-1188 State agencies to submit environmental impact reports on major projects
10.1-1190 Approval of Governor required for construction of facility. (Related to EIR)
15.2-2005 Streets, etc., through any lands belonging to Commonwealth
Sale of real property for housing demonstration projects.
Appropriations Act (Ch 806, 2013):
Item 77 BRES Specific: Real Estate Services (72700); Statewide Leasing and Disposal Services (72705)
2.0 Capital Projects General Conditions
3-2.03 Lines of credit
4-2.01 Solicitation And Acceptance Of Donations, Gifts, Grants, And Contracts
4-3.03 Capital Leases
4-4.01 Capital Projects
4-5.06  Delegation of Authority
4-5.07 Lease, License or Use Agreements
4-5.09 Disposition of Surplus Real Property
4-5.10 Surplus Property Transfer for Economic Development
4-6.04 Charges (Includes Housing Services and Parking)
4-8.01e (1&2e) Reporting Requirements; Utilization of State Owned and Leased Property