DREFM Bureau of Real Estate Services


DRES Job General
Why join the BRES team? 

Where else can you work on every type of real estate all in one day, from an 80,000-square-foot office lease for an agency relocation, to buying thousands of acres to expand a state park or wildlife management area, to selling thousands of acres, to negotiating a communications antenna lease agreement?

BRES is the real estate division for the Commonwealth, and our mission is to provide facilities for agencies to fulfill their missions in the most effective way. We leverage the needs of the Commonwealth, using our real estate expertise to find the most economical solution. BRES is responsible for more than $137 million in cost savings and avoidance for transactions we've managed since 2005. Working at BRES provides the opportunity to negotiate, draft and review leases, appraisals, deeds, surveys, space plans, construction documents, project management, title insurance, environmental studies and financial analysis for a transaction.

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