DREFM Bureau of Real Estate Services


Those employees of Commonwealth agencies, who previously were responsible for submitting annual reports for Land Use Plans, M-R FIX and Non-DGS/Agency Administered Leases to DGS, will be given access to the COVA Trax Web Portal. If someone else in your agency needs access, please send the request to DGS at mailto:BRES-info@dgs.virginia

Access the COVA Trax Web Portal


COVA Trax Web Portal Training Tools

The following tools can provide help in using the COVA Trax Web Portal:

User Guide: View or download the COVA Trax Web Portal User Guide containing instructions for Land Use Plans, M-R FIX and Non-DGS/Agency Administered Leases.

LUP New Site Plan Instructions: View or download the guide containing instructions for what is expected in regards to new Site Plans to be uploaded into the LUP Site records.

M-R FIX: In addition to reviewing the COVA Trax Web Portal User Guide, we encourage those who are responsible for M-R FIX updates to visit DEB's website where you will find slides from a 2018 presentation along with documents related to the use of FICAS as a source for M-R FIX values. View or download the Executive Order 24 Instructions for determining Flood Zone, Zone Type, and Elevations.

Email: At any time you may send your questions to mailto:BRES-info@dgs.virginia.gov