DREFM Bureau of Real Estate Services


Thank you for your interest in working with the Commonwealth of Virginia and DGS to expand and improve telecommunication and broadband service across the Commonwealth.  Our mission is to support Governor Northam's goal of universal broadband coverage for all Virginians by streamlining telecommunications access on Commonweath of Virginia facilities and property.  To learn more about the Commonwealth's plan to achieve universal broadband access in Virginia, please visit www.commonwealthconnect.virginia.gov.

The Commonwealth, through its various agencies and subdivisions, owns antenna structures in every part of Virginia.  At these agencies' discretion, excess space on existing antenna assets, rooftop area, and vacant land may  be  leased for installation of wireless broadband, cellular, and other communications equipment. DGS works with political subdivisions and private communication providers to identify feasible state-owned property that can be leased to suit their business needs.

Inquiries to build or lease communications assets on state-owned property or political subdivisions, municipalities and independent agencies of the Commonwealth interested in offering assets for lease should be directed to Celeste.Matney@dgs.virginia.gov or 804-225-4012.

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