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Agency Tenants in Private Leased Space

BRES assists agencies in fulfilling their mission by providing the best real estate solution based on costs, needs and compliance with DGS guidelines. Once the leased facility is obtained and the agency occupies the facility, BRES's role is to support the occupancy through the administration of the lease, including making any payments associated with the lease (rents, operating expenses, etc.) and to ensure the terms of the lease are followed. Prior to the end of the lease term, the BRES Transaction Manager assigned to the agency's portfolio of leases will work with the primary agency contact and the local office agency staff in determining the strategic direction for the agency's operation as it relates to the current leased facility and the commercial market place.

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Occupant Handbook

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Role of The Transaction Manager

Lease Administration

Service Fees

Agency Tenants in DGS-Maintained Space

The DGS Bureau of Facilities Management (BFM) provides maintenance, operation, repair, and technical support for DGS-managed buildings in the Capital District. Find out more about building maintenance, policies, emergency information and more on the BFM Tenant Resources page.

Private Tenants in Commonwealth-Owned Space

When an agency has underutilized owned space that are no use to other agencies, BRES assists with marketing the space to private tenants. Once a tenant is identified BRES will negotiate and draft the lease and assist the agency with administering the income lease, if needed.

Line of Credit

The State Comptroller, in conjunction with DGS and the Department of Planning and Budget (DPB), established guidelines for agencies and institutions to utilize a line of credit to support fixed and one-time costs associated with implementation of office space consolidation, relocation and/or office space co-location strategies. Such lines of credit shall be repaid by the agency or institution based on the cost savings and efficiencies realized by the agency or institution resulting from the consolidation and/or relocation. In such cases, the terms of office space consolidation or co-location strategies must be approved by the Secretary of Administration, in consultation with the Secretary of Finance, as demonstrating a cost benefit to the Commonwealth.

Review the Guidelines for accessing a line of credit.