DREFM Bureau of Real Estate Services


BRES administers contracts for commercial real estate broker services, appraisal services, and title services. These contracts are available for the benefit of public bodies, as defined in §2.2-4301. Participation in a cooperative procurement by any public body that is not required to use BRES is strictly voluntary.

Contact BRES at (804) 371-7200 or at mailto:BRES-info@dgs.virginia.gov for prior approval to use the contracts or for questions regarding procurement services related to real estate transactions.

Commercial Real Estate Broker Services

View the Contract: 
Master Contract with Divaris Services, Inc. 
Contract Modification
Contract Renewal 1 with Divaris Services, Inc.
Contract Modification
Contract Renewal 2 with Divaris Services, Inc. 
Contract Renewal 3 with Divaris Services, Inc.

Divaris Real Estate Inc. is the Commonwealth's contracted broker, assisting BRES with transaction management and strategic planning services. Two senior agents and one senior real estate analyst work alongside BRES in the bureau's office to provide a one-stop shop for real estate services, including:

• Lease Procurement
• Acquisitions
• Surplus Sales
• Market Analysis
• Broker Opinion of Value

Divaris' services are not limited to state agencies. The contract allows the agents to serve as a resource other public bodies that may not regularly use BRES, such as independent state agencies, public institutions of higher learning, and localities.


Debbie Wake, Senior Vice President
(804) 225-4010, dwake@divaris.com
Fred Karp, Senior Vice President
(804) 786-0406, fred.karp@divaris.com

Appraisals and Appraisal Reviews

Through the existing appraisal contracts, BRES can readily order any type of real estate valuation throughout the Commonwealth.

View the 2019 contracts and modifications:

Allstate Appraisal, LP
Appraisal Group, Inc
Appraisal Review Specialists, LLC
Axial Advisory Group, LLC
Bowman Consulting Group, Ltd
Columbia Realty Advisors, Inc
Decision Point Partners, LLC
Hallmark Properties, Inc
Harris Property Advisors, LLC
Holtzman Appraisal & Consulting Services, Inc
Howe Appraisal Associates
Integra Realty Resources
James F. Windley
Knight Dorin & Rountrey
MG Miller Richmond Residential, LLC
Miller, Long & Associates, Inc
Myers & Woods Appraisal Group, Inc
Rebel A. Powell, MAI, SRA
Rinker Design Associates, P.C.
Soscia & Company, Inc
Vail Appraisal, LLC
Valucentric, LLC

View the appraiser spreadsheet listing approved vendors and fees by area

Title Examinations, Title Insurance and Settlement Services

Through the existing title insurance contract, BRES can readily order any type of real estate title services throughout the Commonwealth.

View the IFB  (*Note: Title Contract has been renewed to August 19, 2020).

View the 2019 contracts and modifications:

Cambridge Escrow & Title LLC
eTitle Agency, Inc.
Fact Finders Title & Settlement, Inc.
GRS Title Services, LLC
McGriff Insurance Services, Inc.
MacLeod Title & Escrow Co., Inc.
Property Title & Escrow, LLC
Priority Title & Escrow
Stewart Title & Escrow, Inc.
Virginia Title Center 

View the title spreadsheet listing approved vendors and fees by area