DREFM Bureau of Real Estate Services


Please contact Divaris Real Estate, Inc., the Commonwealth's contracted real estate broker, for the current real estate-related RFPs for new real property leasing and disposition opportunities.

If interested in keeping apprised of new postings, BRES utilizes the DGS eVA website as a source for automatic notification of new postings.

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Please note, even though DGS BRES is using the DGS DPS eVA website for reporting purposes, all real estate transactions are not subject to the Virginia Public Procurement Act or the DGS Division of Purchase and Supply Vendor's Manual. Terms of the RFP are contained within the document.  All costs associated with the submission of a proposal response to a RFP are the sole responsibility of the offeror. All proposals must be received by the due date stated in the RFP to be considered.

Request for Proposal Evaluation Guidelines:

1.  Code of Virginia §2.2-1149 authorizes the Department of General Services to issue a request for proposals for the lease, purchase or any other means or use or occupancy of real property, as defined in the Code of Virginia §2.2-1147. 

2.  Only the Tenant or its contractor as identified above is authorized to negotiate the terms and conditions of a proposed lease agreement on behalf of the Commonwealth and the Department of Occupant. The Proposer shall communicate directly with BRES (or its designee) and/or the contractor(s) identified above and shall not rely on communications with or information provided by field personnel or any other source. 

3.  Tenant is credit-worthy and will not pay a security deposit. 

4.  Tenant will pay rent and additional charges required by the lease in arrears. In order for a landlord to do business with the Commonwealth and receive payment from the Commonwealth, they must be set up in the Commonwealth's accounting system. To do so, the landlord must complete and return a Commonwealth of Virginia Substitute W-9 form which will be provided during lease negotiations. 

5.  Leasing is subject to approval by the Governor of Virginia and availability of funding by the General Assembly. Additionally, the Commonwealth reserves the right to reject any and all offers, to negotiate separately with competing proposers, and to cancel this solicitation at any time. If, in the opinion of the Commonwealth, lease negotiations with a selected proposer cannot be concluded in a timely manner following the selected proposer's receipt of a draft lease agreement, the Commonwealth may, at its sole discretion, immediately discontinue negotiations. 

6.  Exhibit A provides certain disclosures related to leasing and doing business with the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

7.  Leases that may be considered "capital leases" will require approval of the General Assembly and/or the Governor. Also, pursuant to §10.1-1188 of the Code of Virginia, leases considered a "major state project" by the Department of Environmental Quality will require the preparation and submission of an Environmental Impact Report (EIR), which requires approval on behalf of the Governor. Additional information may be required by the Commonwealth under either of these circumstances. 

8.  Possession or carrying, whether open or concealed, of any firearm by any person is prohibited in and on State Offices. This prohibition does not apply to law enforcement officers, authorized security personnel, or military personnel, when such individuals are authorized to carry a firearm in accordance with their duties and when they are carrying the firearm within that authority.

The following RFP's are closed and no additional proposals will be accepted for consideration. 

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